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Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is now an established technology for prototyping and production. Selecting the most suitable surface finishing technology is critical to prove the viability of components from a cost and functional standpoint. In an ideal world, surface finishing must be considered when designing components for AM to ensure the desired component and its characteristics can be achieved. Our range of technologies are available as standalone machines or can be integrated as fully automatic systems. Our aim is to ensure our customers understand the main advantages of each technology.

Surface Finishing Additive Manufacturing Metal Components

Most additive manufactured parts require some surface improvement to ensure that they are in an acceptable condition for the end-user. At ActOn we offer finishing solutions that benefit the industry by reducing processing times & producing a repeatable and quality product. Our range includes:

  • AM Blasting technology for Powder Removal
  • CHEF Series for reducing surface roughness, deburring and polishing 3D printed parts in a short time.
  • CDF Series for processing small to medium batches of parts, in a reduced period of times for most applications.
  • DLyte Electropolishing Machines for a mirror polished finish in a 1 step process. 
  • Vibratory Finishing technology for deburring, descaling, cleaning, smoothing, radiusing, polishing and drying.


Explore Finishing Solutions for Additive Manufacturing Metal Parts from ActOn Finishing USA.

Case Study 
3D Printed Lizard Bright Polished Finish


The aim 

To smooth the surface and achieve a bright polished finish on a Stainless Steel 3D printed lizard.


What we did?

We achieved this with our three-stage process, using the ActOn Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine, which combines grinding, smoothing and polishing. The total process time took approx. 6 hours which was less than what the customer expected.



The process delivered a superior bright polished finish while the dimensional integrity of the part was maintained.


Explore Finishing Solutions for Additive Manufacturing Metal Parts from ActOn Finishing USA.

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