Surface Finishing for 3D Printing Polymers 

Processing of 3D printing polymer parts, manufactured via Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA) or Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) to improve the surface appearance and smoothing can be challenging. These parts tend to have a textured surface and require improvement of surface roughness. In order to improve the appearance, surface roughness and mechanical properties of additive manufactured parts, post processing remains an important factor. Our range of technologies are available as standalone machines or can be integrated as fully automatic systems. Our aim is to ensure our customers understand the main advantages of each technology.

Finishing 3D Printing Polymer Parts


Most 3d printing polymer parts require some surface improvement to ensure that they are in an acceptable condition for the end-user. At ActOn we offer finishing solutions that benefit the industry by reducing processing times & producing a repeatable and quality product. Our range includes:

·       AM Blasting technology to remove the residue left from the 3D printing process

·       CDF Series for processing small to medium batches of parts, in a reduced period of times.

·       CLM Series for a wide range of applications. No part on part contact due to the clamping system.   

·       Vibratory Finishing technology to help smoothen high volumes of AM polymer parts.

Explore Finishing Solutions for 3D Printing Polymers Parts from ActOn Finishing USA.

Case Study 
3D Printing Polymer Part Smooth Finish


The aim 

To smooth the surface finish on this 3d printed polymer part.


What we did?

We achieved this with a one-stage process, using the ActOn Vibratory Finishing bowl and a mix of abrasive media, a concentrated compound designed for cleaning and polishing and water.



The total process time took approx. 480 min. which was less than what the customer expected. The process delivered a smooth finish while the dimensional integrity of the part was maintained.

Explore Finishing Solutions for 3D Printing Polymers Parts from ActOn Finishing USA.

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