ActOn AM Shot Peener & Blasting Series

Considerable resources in terms of energy, time, and finances are dedicated to Additive Manufacturing (AM) for both plastic and metal parts. In particular, products manufactured using technologies such as MJF, SLS, SLM, and EBM often require a finishing process, commonly known as post-processing. ActOn provides post-processing solutions for both powder-based metal and polymer additive manufactured parts to ensure a smooth finish and remove residues from the 3D printing process. Our AM Shot Peener & Blasting cabinets are specifically designed for finishing these types of parts. 


AM Blasting for Polymer 3D Printed Parts


This range of machines comprises two series, namely The Clean Series and the Smooth Series, consisting of four models: Excel, Solid, Smart, and Samba.

The Clean blasting machines are specifically designed to effectively remove powder from 3D printed parts using glass bead media. Utilizing this type of abrasive media offers the advantage of achieving thorough de-powdering, even in hard-to-reach corners where round shot media may not be as effective.

On the other hand, the Smooth blasting machines are tailored for shot peening 3D printed polymer parts using round abrasive media. This process enhances the surface quality of the components, resulting in a homogenous, smooth finish with reduced porosity.

ActOn AM Shot Peener Seriesperfect for a homogeneous, smooth finish on 3D printed parts.
ActOn AM Shot Peener Seriesperfect for a homogeneous, smooth finish on 3D printed parts.

AM DI Shot Peener and Blasting Cabinets

The AM DI de-powdering system is developed for manually cleaning of powder bed printed parts. Some of the main key features of this cabinet include:

  • Suitable for blasting individual or large parts.
  • Manual blasting of 3D printed parts up to a load of max. 350 kg.
  • Equipped with a cyclone to remove dust and powder from the blast media.
  • ATEX certified for processes class II 3/-D T125˚
  • Also suitable for shot peening, without any modifications.
  • 2 side doors.
  • Safety on doors.

AM Shot Peener and Blasting Cabinets Applications


At ActOn, we provide comprehensive 3D post-processing solutions for both metal and plastic parts. Our range of services includes cleaning powder bed printed parts, performing shot peening, and achieving a uniform, smooth surface finish. Whatever your finishing requirements may be, we have the right solution to meet your needs effectively.


ActOn AM Shot Peener Seriesperfect for a homogeneous, smooth finish on 3D printed parts.

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