Drying Media & Pre-treated Media

ActOn range of Agro Media is manufactured from corn cob (Maizorb) and Walnut Shell and it includes Drying media and Pre-treated media. We recommend using drying media for a variety of finishing applications, including drying, polishing and cleaning, in vibratory finishing machines. Moreover we can supply our agro media in a pre-treated form, with dry compounds in order to achieve a fine, smooth high-end polish with a bright luster on a wide range of materials. For shot blasting applications, we recommend our Walnut Shell. 

ActOn Drying Media and Pre-treated Media can be used in the dryers, duals, the CHEF machines and shot blasting machines and are supplied in a bovine free form.

Key Benefits of Drying Media

  • All drying medias and pre-treated medias are bovine free.
  • Are manufactured for drying, cleaning and polishing finishing applications.
  • Walnut shell is excellent for cleaning and polishing of heat-treated components, jewellery, surgical components, implants and for shot blasting applications.
  • Pre-treated walnut shell is perfect for producing a high luster on components requiring a high-quality aesthetic finish.
  • All ActOn media and compounds can be adapted and formulated for specialised applications.
Explore our Pre-Treated & Drying Media  from ActOn Finishing USA.
Explore our Pre-Treated & Drying Media  from ActOn Finishing USA.

Technical Specifications 

For further technical specifications and more information on our Drying Media and Pre-treated Media range, please download our brochure.



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