Surface Finishing Solutions for Coin Blanks Industry  

At ActOn Finishing we have worked with companies within the industry to develop surface finishing solutions for coin blanks, that improve current processes, reduce costs and achieve the repeatability and quality desired by our customers. Using ActOn’s finishing machines, burnishing media and specially formulated compounds, the result is a clean, polished, with negligible weight loss and no surface defects component.  

Finishing Coin Blanks


Using ActOn’s vibratory finishing machines, the CHEF and CDF range, and our finishing consumables designed for the industry, our engineers have developed cost-effective finishing applications for parts made out of: gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, brass and aluminium. Some of the process applications include:

·       Cleaning of coin blanks ready for striking

·       Surface finishing before and after plating

·       Deburring, cleaning & burnishing before &after the annealing process

·       Descaling post annealing

·       Burnishing of silver and gold bars

·       Drying to prevent tarnishing of the surface or oxidation

Explore Finishing Solutions for Coin Blanks from ActOn Finishing USA.

Case Study 
Achieve a Smooth and Polished Finish on Steel Slug


A three stage process using ActOn’s high energy machine resulted in a bright mirror finish with no visible machining lines. The first two stages required a cut down and smoothening process using ceramic and plastic media. This was then followed by a dry polishing stage.


Explore Finishing Solutions for Coin Blanks from ActOn Finishing USA.

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