Surface Finishing Machines for General Engineering Industry  

Using high quality mass finishing machines, media and compounds we can develop a finishing process for components made of a wide range of materials, with different shapes and sizes. Working with manufacturers from general engineering industries has allowed us to constantly improve the process efficiency and to offer our customers cost-effective and repeatable solutions.

Finishing Applications for General Engineering Industry


At ActOn we have developed surface finishing applications to improve current processes, achieving the repeatability and quality desired by the industry. Using our finishing machines and consumables we can help our customers to:


·       Remove stains on diamond cutters

·       Deburr steel bore heads

·       Clean and deburr steel fasteners

·       Remove graphite and polish brass stampings

·       Polish scissor and knife blades

·       Improve surface finish of aluminium annulus fillers

 and much more.


Surface Finishing Machines for General Engineering Industry at ActOn Finishing.

Case Study 
Remove Graphite Scale and Polish Brass Stampings


ActOn engineers have processed the brass stamping in a vibratory bowl finishing machine and vibratory dryer to descale and polish the surface. A porcelain media and an acidic compound helped in removing the scale and brightening the surface. To ensure the stamping is free of stains, this was dried using ActOn’s agro-media. The vibratory finishing process delivered the required finish in a considerably reduced time, and the dimensional integrity of the part was maintained.


Surface Finishing Machines for General Engineering Industry at ActOn Finishing.

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