Surface Finishing Forgings and Castings

Forging and casting are manufacturing processes used across various industries to transform metal materials into a desired geometry. Due to the manufacturing process, these parts tend to have a dull appearance and surface finish can be rough, with oxidation, scale and discolouration traces. ActOn engineers recommend using vibratory finishing or high energy finishing machines to achieve a smooth surface and a polished finish.  

Finishing Solutions for Forgings & Castings


Over the years, we have developed and optimised mass finishing processes on various forgings and castings with different finishing specifications, such as the removal of surface defects and flash lines or achieving a surface finish of Ra 0.03 μm. The process benefits of ActOn machinery and consumables include:

·       Significant reduction in roughness

·       Shorter processing time than traditional methods

·       Increased part cleanliness

·       Removal of surface defects and flash lines

·       Corrosion protection

·       Non-part specific

·       Consistent and repeatable results


Finishing Solutions for Forgings and Castings from ActOn Finishing USA.

Case Study 
Remove Machining Lines and Obtain a Bright Finish on Carbide Tip


The finish has been achieved by carrying out a two-stage process in ActOn’s high energy finishing machine. To remove the machining lines the part was processed in Aluminium Oxide and compound. This media was used as it has the properties which allow to deburr parts made from hard metals and sintered carbide. The final stage was carried out using pre-treated agro media which is great for producing a bright finish.


Finishing Solutions for Forgings and Castings from ActOn Finishing USA.

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