Finishing Solutions for Jewellery Polishing & Fashion Industry

We understand the importance of high quality polished jewellery and accessories in the fashion industry, and we work closely with our customers to adapt and develop finishing solutions that meet their stringent requirements. It has been proven that the solutions we’ve developed for jewellery polishing have benefited the industry by reducing cost and producing a repeatable and quality product. 

Finishing Applications for Fashion Industry


ActOn’s finishing technology has been well accepted by jewellers, goldsmiths and mid-sized manufacturers in the fashion industry. Some of our finishing applications include:

·       Cleaning & deburring: jewellery is finished using a mix of plastic media, compound & water. Plastic media is perfect for processing parts manufactured out of softer materials.

·       Burnishing: oxidation and mass residuals deposits are removed from the parts without any impingements, while jewellery is polished in a mix of stainless steel media an polishing compound.

·       Jewellery polishing & drying: using ActOn’s drier machine, along with the agro media to finish the part will result in a stain free highly polished finish.

Jewellery Polishing and Surface Finishing Solutions for the Fashion Industry from ActOn Finishing.

Case Study 
Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Jewellery


We developed a cost-effective 2 stage process to achieve a mirror polish finish on stainless steel jewellery. The finishing process also implied barrelling 300 pieces per batch.


To achieve a smooth surface free from burrs we finished the jewellery using our DTB series and a mix of a medium abrasive plastic media, a polishing compound and water. Then the jewellery polishing stage included finishing the pendants in polishing media, using LQ9 compound, a specially formulated brightening and polishing compound.


Our finishing process enabled our customer to polish 300 parts in approx. 3 hours. This has improved considerably the time our client was spending on polishing the pendants

Jewellery Polishing and Surface Finishing Solutions for the Fashion Industry from ActOn Finishing.

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