Shot Blasting Media

ActOn Finishing provides an extensive selection of Shot Blasting Media  that adhere to both commercial and aerospace specifications for cleaning and shot peening purposes. Choosing the appropriate abrasive media is crucial, and it relies on factors such as the initial condition of the material prior to shot blasting or shot peening and the desired finish after the process. Considerations such as the type, shape, size, density, and hardness of the abrasive blasting media are essential for achieving the desired surface quality and finish. At ActOn Finishing, we understand the importance of these factors and offer a comprehensive range of options to meet specific requirements.

Shot Blasting Media Range

Our Shot Blasting & Peening Media range includes:

  • Aluminium Oxide: aggressive and tough media suitable for applications such as general blasting, surface finishing, grinding, polishing, matte finishing, edge rounding and cleaning & preparing the part surface prior to plaiting or painting.
  • Glass Beads: great for obtaining a clean, smooth, bright or satin finish. This media is a cost- effective solution as it can be recycled.
  • Ceramic Beads: applications include cleaning, smoothing, satin finishing, removal of coatings, rust and oxides and deburring steel, aluminium and non-ferrous alloys.
  • Metallic Blasting Media: including High and Low Carbon Cast Steel Shot, Chilled Iron Grit, High Carbon Steel Grit, Cut Wire Shot, Stainless Steel Shot.
  • Walnut Shell: excellent for removing coatings, cleaning, deburring and de-flashing.
Explore The Abrasive Shot Blasting Media From ActOn Finishing.
Explore The Abrasive Shot Blasting Media From ActOn Finishing.

We Also Supply

  • Plastic Blast Media: recommended for paint & coatings stripping from components manufactured out of soft metals, plastic and composites; widely used in aerospace and automotive industry for blasting applications.
  • Silicon Carbides: a very fast cut and aggressive shot blasting media, recommended for aggressive deburring, scale removal, smoothing part’s edges, general blasting and stone & glass etching.
  • Brown Alumina: a fast cutting and tough media, widely used in the aerospace and automotive industry.
  • White Alumina: ideal for processes where no contamination is allowed. Generally used for finishing materials such as titanium, stainless steel, crystal glassware.
  • Pink Alumina: applications include removal of scale, paint, rust, hard deposits, cleaning, matte finishing, decorative finishing and glass frosting.

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