Surface Finishing Services

Specialised Metal Surface Finishing Subcontract Services from ActOn Finishing.

Vibratory, High Energy & Shot Blasting Subcontract Services

For customers that need a Metal Surface Finishing solution and do not have the experience, the capacity required or are not ready to invest in Mass Finishing equipment, ActOn can offer specialist subcontracting services. Our subcontract facility is equipped with a wide range of finishing machines, such as Vibratory Finishing Machines, Centrifugal High Energy and Centrifugal Disc Systems and Shot Blasting Cabinets. Along with our comprehensive choice of media and compounds, we can offer:

  • Free trial and technical consultation to ensure finishing result is as per customer’s requirement
  • Quick turnaround time based on the delivery time of components from customer.
  • Controlled subcontract processes to ensure constant high quality finishing on all parts.
  • Transport option to facilitate a quick turnaround time.

Precision Polishing and Inspection Subcontract Services

In order to provide you with complete surface finishing solutions, we offer a precision polishing service for components from various industry sectors. Our applications include removal of manufacturing defects on medical components, aerofoils, gun components, automotive parts and many more, which are inherent in the casting and forging process. 

Our trained inspectors ensure every component is inspected to the required specification prior to delivery. The inspections can include visual, dimensional and surface finish measurements. Our document controls ensure that all inspections are recorded for traceability purposes.


Specialised Metal Surface Finishing Subcontract Services from ActOn Finishing.

Equipment Refurbishment Service

As part of ActOn on-going support, we provide equipment refurbishment service. We can overhaul your older equipment, bring it back to life and make it safer to use. To ensure our clients’ production does not suffer, we can offer exchange equipment rental or subcontract services.

To avoiding future major refurbishment requirements, we recommend considering our Maintenance Contracts, which will ensure that your equipment is being inspected and maintained by experienced engineers.

Specialised Metal Surface Finishing Subcontract Services from ActOn Finishing.
Specialised Metal Surface Finishing Subcontract Services from ActOn Finishing.

Polyurethane Lining Service

As manufacturers of finishing machines, we understand that over time the lining of the machines wears out. ActOn machines are renowned for their durability and we offer our customers a full relining service. We offer reline services on machines from different manufactures and we have in house capabilities to manufacture moulds to suit the requirements of our customers. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Capability of casting up to 150kgs of polyurethane at a time
  • 12 months warranty on all relines
  • Refurbishment service available for damaged bowls
  • Competitive pricing
  • Option to fabricate custom moulds for machines and spares
  • We can manufacture polyurethane masking for parts that are being processed 

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